Gosaikunda Helicoper Tour


The Gosainkunda Helicopter Tour is a scenic aerial ride of the pristine Langtang region and its neighboring areas. It’s the most incredible and convenient way of exploring the central Himalayas and discovering the best of it.

Not to mention that it’s one of the quickest and best means to travel the Langtang region. Gosainkunda Helicopter Tour offers unparalleled access to the remote and least visited areas. It also frees you from the stress of walking the long and rocky terrains, making the journey relaxing.

Taking a heli tour of Gosainkunda is a wild experience. It’s very effective and efficient, especially when pressed for time. The helicopter will glide in the sky, providing you with a breathtaking view of Langtang Lirung, Manaslu, and Gaurishankar.

It enables you to capture the raw beauty of serene Gosainkunda Lake and the surrounding lofty hills. The flight will give you rare and striking glimpses of breathtaking landmarks and rugged cliffs.

Why Gosainkunda Helicopter Tour?

The Helicopter Tour of Gosainkunda is unlike anything. It’s wild and thrilling with a great scenic experience. The heli tour provides fast and easy maneuverability, which makes traveling fun. Hence, it’s understandable why the tour is a popular choice among travelers visiting Nepal for the briefest time.

The heli tour of Gosainkunda offers the ultimate luxury and comfort to travelers. It provides travelers with an unforgettable moment with an amazing view throughout the flight. The helicopter can fly them to a distant region, which is impossible to trek.

It makes travel more exciting without compromising on comfort. Not to mention that the tour is the safest and ideal option to reach Gosainkunda without facing the strenuous climb. The Gosainkunda heli tour is a private affair; it’s more pleasing and quiet with just limited people on board.


Phase 01: Transfer to Tribhuvan International Airport

Our representative will get straight down to receive you at the hotel early in the morning. After picking you up, they’ll drive to the airport to catch the scheduled flight to Gosainkunda. Once we checked in, the aircraft would take off any minute.

Phase 02: Fly from Kathmandu to Gosainkunda

It’ll leave and hover in the air as soon as we board. Looking out, you can see the vivacious cities and towns of Kathmandu. The scenery changes as quick as a flash once the helicopter enters the mountainous region.

As the helicopter sweeps away to the Langtang Valley, you’ll see more lush meadows and tropical forests full of pine and juniper. Throughout the tour, you’ll be able to watch Langtang's picturesque villages and towns.

Phase 03: Explore Gosainkunda Lake

Soon as the helicopter lands, you can come down and explore the beautiful Gosainkunda Lake. The helicopter will haul up for 15 minutes, during which you can look around the region and relish the mesmerizing view.

You can snapshot the undulating landscapes and towering mountains in the duration. Take a few steps up the hill, and you can see the gleaming glaciers feeding Gosainkunda Lake. It’ll also offer a majestic view of steep-sides valley and mountainous ridge.

Phase 04: Fly to Langtang Valley for breakfast

When the sightseeing is done, we’ll fly back to Langtang Valley. Traveling the same route as previous will provide you with another opportunity to take in the sights. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Manaslu and Langtang all along the way. The flight will spoil you with stunning glimpses of the beautiful Ramsar site and Lauribina La Pass.

As the helicopter awaits, watch the trail of Kyanjin Gompa boasting ancient Tibetan monasteries, gompas, and mani walls. You may clean up and have breakfast while watching the gorgeous scenery.

Phase 05: Fly to Kathmandu

After breakfast, we’ll board the flight and buckle up, waiting for it to land at Tribhuvan Airport. The trip will last 10 minutes, passing the sweeping hills and lovely villages. It’ll pass some of Langtang’s most attractive and breathtaking sites, making your journey more exciting. Once the helicopter lands, our staff will drop you off at the hotel. You may wish to rest at the hotel or take a walk through the city in your spare time.

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Gosaikunda Helicoper Tour

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