Langtang Helicopter Tour


Langtang Helicopter Tour is a lovely scenic tour that takes you to the pristine Langtang region. This incredible region lies in the North Central part of Nepal. Geographically, it is pretty close to the capital of Kathmandu. Hence, quite popular among trekkers and adventurers.

The helicopter flight provides you with the opportunity to arrive at your destination quickly. This short duration tour only takes around half an hour to reach the Langtang village. Hence, this way, you can skip the challenging trekking trails that would have to be taken otherwise.

It takes around 5-6 hours of a trek for a week to arrive at Langtang village. While trekking can be quite an exhilarating adventure, not everyone is fond of trekking. The Langtang region is quite challenging due to the rough and remote terrain. Besides, trekking might not suit all travelers due to health and fitness reasons.

Some travelers might also find it challenging to manage such a long trip in their schedule. This comfortable trip is thus quite a safe and ideal option for such travelers. Hence, through this outstanding helicopter tour, you can complete this journey in just half an hour.

The magical region has a diverse natural vista of snow-clad mountains, green hills, meadows, glaciers, lakes, and others. The helicopter flies above the serene Langtang National Park. Moreover, this national park is famous for its spectacular Himalayan flora and fauna.

This luxurious trip offers you spectacular views of Ganesh Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Langtang Lirung, and the other Himalayas. The helicopter also takes you above the holy Gosaikunda Lake of the region. Moreover, there are different naturally diverse landscapes you can explore during your stay.

Our Langtang helicopter tour will commence as you drive to the airport in Kathmandu. From there, you will board a helicopter flight and travel to Langtang. After around half an hour, above some of the most beautiful landscapes, you will arrive at the destination. You will get a short time exploration of another half an hour before returning on the same flight.

There are also ancient settlements in the region that you can explore after arriving at the destination. You can also observe the beautiful cultural landscapes of the area, including monasteries, temples, etc. Kyanjin Gompa is quite a significant pilgrimage site in the region. Overall, the cultural settlements of the region are unique and fascinating.

Read on for more details about the Langtang helicopter tour package and its itinerary.


Phase 1: 7:00 Am - Pick up, and transfer you to the airport

Our staff will pick you up and take you to the airport in Kathmandu.

Phase 2: 7:30 Am - Check-in and Boarding the helicopter flight

We will then check-in and board the helicopter flight to Langtang at the airport.

Phase 3: 8:00 Am - Fly to Langtang

Our helicopter will then fly over the region's stunning landscapes to arrive at Langtang.

Phase 4: 8:30 Am - Landing at Langtang (Kyanjin Gompa), Explore around

The beautiful trip will land at Langtang (Kyanjin Gompa), where you can explore the incredible landscapes. We will then stay in the Langtang region for around 30 minutes.

Phase 5: 9:00 Am - Fly back to Kathmandu

We will finally fly back to Kathmandu on the same helicopter flight.

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Langtang Helicopter Tour

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