Manaslu Circuit Trek


Manaslu Circuit is truly a paradise for trekkers. Its beauty and exquisiteness are comprehensive and can take anyone’s breath away. Manaslu’s trails are adventure hub, taking you on an amazing ride full of thrills and excitement.

Trekking through Manaslu will provide you with an incredible experience and awe-inspiring scenery. It offers fantastic a view of Mt. Manaslu and its nearby snow peaks that can’t be observed from anywhere else.

You can see many eccentric villages and town on the way to Manaslu Circuit. Its old unpaved trail will delight you with the amazing scenes that seem to have taken straight out of picture.

The trek will introduce you to local people and their rich culture that is to be found nowhere. You can explore many historical and cultural landmarks on this tour, including ancient Tibetan monasteries, chortens, and mani walls.

It’ll also expose you to diverse cultures and traditions celebrated in the region. You can discover many regional and national holidays during the excursion. However, trekking Manaslu is never a breeze. It’s difficult and exacting with most trails steep and rugged.

The trails may vary in difficulty, but as you go higher, they get tougher. It can be grueling at times and drive you up the wall. But, if you’re well-prepared and trained then the trek won’t be so hard. You’ll be able to climb the trail easily and make it to the top to enjoy the magnificent views.

The trek begins easy with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola, providing a breathtaking view. It takes you through several villages, towns, and valleys along the course to Circuit. You may have to climb steep hills and walk over mountainous terrains to reach the acme, which is stressful as well as imposing.

Climbing the hills at a higher altitude can prompt altitude sickness and risk to health. You may even develop symptoms like headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, and insomnia. However, the trek will also offer us an impressive view of glistening mountains, turbulent rivers, and waterfalls.

You can see many river valleys, gorges, and lush green forests on the way to Manaslu Circuit. The trek will also surprise you with a crystal clear view of Mt Manaslu, Ngadi, Larkye Peak, and Kang Guru behind the pass. You’ll have to be careful though while climbing the trail as it can deter your expedition.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • A scenic view of Mt. Manaslu, Ngadi, Larkye Peak, and Kang Guru
  • Visit the longest trekking pass, Larkya La, at 5,106 meters
  • Discover unique wildlife and nature at Manaslu Conservation Area
  • Vibrant cultural scenes with rich heritage and traditional lifestyle
  • Picturesque scenery of cascading waterfalls and rapid streams

Best time for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Spring is a peak tourist season in Manaslu. Many travelers visit it during this time of year to enjoy warm and beautiful weather. Although they may find Manalsu icy cold early in the season, the weather improves.

The days are moderately warm in April, with occasional whirlwinds and low heat. The temperature rises by the end of the month and reaches up to 18 Degree Celsius. While it’s generally warmer in May, nights are still cold and breezy at the circuit.

With clearer skies and sunny days, spring manages to offer better views and scenery to visitors. You can expect to see green landscapes and beautiful spring blossoms during the trip. Its long daylight hours provide you with extra time to walk and explore the region.

Outside spring, Autumn is another incredible time to visit Manaslu Circuit. It brings lovely weather with cooler temperatures, which makes trekking easier and more comfortable. The season marks its arrival with bold and bright colors of autumn foliage. The colors start to appear in September and stay for a few weeks into October.

It has a high temperature at the beginning of the season, but as it goes farther, the temperature drops, making it cold. Come November, you’ll find the temperature falling up to -6 Degree Celsius.

Autumn days are nice and warm, but they are relatively shorter. So, you can’t waste too much time on the trail and have to be very quick. The season may arrive slow but will last till November, so you’ll have plenty of time to plan the trip.

Since most of the Manaslu trek happens in autumn, you may find the trail a bit crowded. Lodges and guest houses are often busy hosting visitors, so you may have to pre-book the accommodation. Also, don’t forget to bring a few warm clothes as the climate is somewhat unpredictable in Fall.

Even though it’s crowded, autumn is still best to explore the region. The weather is mild and pleasant on days, while nights are cool and calm.


Once you land at the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu, our representative will pick you up from there and directly takes you to the hotel. It will take around 20-25 minutes from Airport to Thamel (if you choose to stay at the hotels of Thamel).

It’s hard to sleep on the beauty and magnificence of Kathmandu when in the town. So to celebrate your visit to Nepal and give you a little taste of it, we’ll take you on a comprehensive tour of the city. We’ll explore some of Kathmandu’s major tourist attractions and cultural landmarks.

The popular places that we’ll visit in Kathmandu include Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, and Kathmandu Durbar Square. We’ll also take a quick tour of Swyambhunath, which comes with a spectacular view of Kathmandu Valley.

Much of our tour will be centered on Nepalese history, culture, and architecture. After a full-day excursion, we’ll drop you back at the hotel. Prepare your backpack and get some rest, as we’ll have a long day ahead.

Soti Khola Altitude: 710m / 2,330 ft

Driving hours: 8-10 hrs

Overnight at: the teahouse

The ride from Kathmandu to Soti Khola is under 88 miles and takes off through several valleys and towns. It starts with a drive out-of-town-and to the village of Dhading before continuing up to the hillsides. We’ll pass through several villages, towns, and farms on the way.

After traveling most of the day quietly, we’ll have a wild ride on the rugged terrains. As the trail on this part is filthy and unpaved, we’ll be on the wayside a little longer. The 8 hours journey to Soti is nerve-wracking, but the charming views and pleasant atmosphere will keep you busy throughout the time.

Machha Khola Altitude: 900m / 2,953 ft

Walking Hours: 6-7 hrs

Overnight at: the teahouse

After breakfast, we’ll continue our trek to Machha Khola. The trek begins with a leisurely walk through rice paddies and forests before trekking on a cliff face ridge. After crossing the bridge, we’ll trek through deep forests and ascend a ridge above Budhi Gandaki River.

Soon the trail will lead us to Khursane Pass, cascading waterfalls and cliffs. After following a rocky trail for a very long, we’ll descend the trail through a lush green farm and around the village of Labubesi.

A further ascent and the trail will take us to the rocky outcrop, where the valley widens and runs down to the river. After a short climb over the mountainous ridge, the trail descends to the river and runs through the suspension bridge before arriving at the village. Overnight stay in a teahouse.

Jagat Altitude: 1,410m / 4,626 ft

Walking Hours: 6-7 hrs

Overnight at: the teahouse

Our day starts with a warm breakfast in Machha Khola and then a short walk out of the village. Following the gorge, we’ll climb up to the river and gently ascent the trail before arriving at Tharo Khola. After crossing the suspension bridge, the route heads to Khorlabesi and finally ends at a small hot spring famous as Tatopani.

From here, the trails run up the ridge and cross Budhi Gandaki on a suspension bridge. The trek doesn’t end here as we’ll have to climb the steep stone stairs and head to the ridge to Dobhan. Crossing another suspension bridge over Yaru Khola, we ascend the steep slopes and take a drop to the river.

The trail then traverses to Tharo Bharyang and passes several villages to arrive at Jagat. The final trek involves crossing the west bank of Budhi Gandaki and climbing over a ridge. After arriving at the village, we’ll briefly enjoy the sightseeing and then head to our accommodation.

Deng Altitude: 1,804m / 5,919 ft

Walking Hours: 6-7 hrs

Overnight at: the

Another quest of Manaslu Circuit and another great day en route with amazing scenery. But, this time the trails are relatively long and strenuous, taking more than 6 hours to complete. The 20km hike takes us on an extreme adventure from a rocky ridge of Salleri to an upstream suspension bridge near Philim.

We’ll navigate the trail through dense sub-tropical forests and small villages before trekking the widened valley. After crossing the Ghatta Khola River, the trail crawls up to the Gurung village of Philim and then turns north, heading to Ekle Bhatti.

After crossing the millet field, the route enters a steep, wild gorge and then descends to the grassy slopes. Passing over the Budhi Gandaki River, the trail runs along the west bank for a brief time and crosses to the east before proceeding to the west.

Soon the valley widens, and it becomes easy to climb the trail. We'll make our way through bamboo forests and to the Deng Khola River. Finally, after crossing the river, we’ll arrive at the village of Deng.

Namrung Altitude: 2,630m / 8,629 ft

Walking Hours: 6-7 hrs

Overnight at: the teahouse

Trek from Deng to Namrung is probably one of the longest walks in the Manaslu Circuit trek. The trail makes a meandering 12.1 miles long walk through rhododendron forests and narrow valleys. At first, we’ll cross the Budhi Gandaki River and then climb the bridge that goes to Bhi.

Walking the trail from the west, we’ll pass into alpine forests and narrow valleys, reaching to villages in Manaslu. In the course, you’ll enjoy an amazing view of Siringi Himal and Budhi Gandaki River. After 4-5 hours of difficult trek, we will arrive at Namrung and spend the night here.

Samagaon Altitude: 3,530m / 11,582 ft

Walking Hours: 6-7 hrs

Overnight at: the teahouse

Our next destination of Manaslu Circuit Trek is Samagaon. The journey to the village starts with a continuous steep ascent and into the forest till Lhi. We can see many Tibetan stupas and barley terraces in the village, providing a great view. After a quick drop, the trail passes through multiple villages, including Sho and Shyala.

Following a long ride, the course finally, route finally ends at Sama Village in Nubra Valley. At Sama, you’ll be surrounded by lofty mountains and wooded hills. The village will also provide us with a mesmerizing view of ice cliffs and glaciers. Overnight stay in a teahouse.

Walking Hours: 3-4 hrs

Overnight at: the teahouse

Today’s the acclimatization day, so instead of a full-day trek, we’ll visit the nearby villages and take a rest. Early morning, we’ll take a stroll around Samagaon, and during the day, we’ll hike Pungyen Gompa. It’s one of the major tourist attractions here and the finest location for altitude acclimatization.

The trek to Pungyen is challenging, with sharp inclines and steep slopes. Climbing the trail helps trekkers adapt to the weather at higher altitudes. The stupa is just above Sama at the edge of the hill. It offers an impressive view of Ngadi Chuli Siring Himal, Kutang, and Himalchulli. After a quick visit to the stupa and a scenic tour, we’ll descend the trail and head back to Samagaon.

Samdo Altitude: 3,860m / 12,665 ft

Walking Hours: 4-5 hrs

Overnight at: Teahouse

Waking up to the beautiful sunrise of Manaslu and taking breakfast, we’ll leave for the trek to Samdo. The trek begins with a short descent to Budhi Gandaki River and a bridge above the stream. Walking past several mani walls, we’ll arrive at the valley, which widens with time.

The trek along the route will provide us with a closeup shimmering mountains view and glaciers. As the trail moves above the river and into juniper and birch forests, the hiking becomes easy.

After Kermo Kharka, we’ll descend the trail to Budhi Gandaki and cross it via a wooden bridge. Climbing steeply onto the confluence of two rivers, we’ll arrive at a stone archway. After a few more hours of trek, we’ll reach Samdo and call it a day. Overnight stay in a teahouse.

The trek from Samdo is indeed tough and time-taking. Its continuous rising trail with a steep incline is often the leading cause of altitude sickness. So, to prevent it, we’ll stay at Samdo and go on a side trek. After breakfast, we’ll descend to the Budhi Gandaki River and trail it until we reach the bridge.

Taking a left turn, we’ll head to Manaslu Base Camp and trek another four hours to Birendra Tal. As we hike the trail will offer us an incredible view of ancient gompas and shimmering glaciers with surrounding mountains. After spending the day hiking and exploring Birendra Tal, we’ll descend to Samdo. Overnight stay in a teahouse.

Larkya La Base Camp Altitude: 4470m / 14,665 ft

Dharamsala Altitude: 4,460m / 14,633 ft

Walking Hours: 4-5 hrs

Overnight at: the teahouse

Start the day with a delicious breakfast and beautiful sightseeing as the journey to Dharamsala is long and difficult. The trek is extremely demanding, with lots of climbs and rugged terrain. We’ll kick off the trek with a gentle descent on a wide trail and to the wooden bridge over the Budhi Gandaki River.

Along the way, you can enjoy beautiful scenes of Tibetan mani walls and prayer flags. Crossing the Athaya Saya Khola, we’ll trek uphill along Larke Khola while relishing the awe-inspiring view of Larkya Glacier.

After four hours of intense trekking, we’ll finally arrive at Dharamsala. The village lies on the mountain slope at 4,479 meters above sea level and comes with a majestic view. Overnight stay at Dharamsala.

Bimthang Altitude: 3,890m / 12,762 ft

Larkya La Altitude: 5,106m / 16,752 ft

Walking Hours: 8-9 hrs

Overnight at: the teahouse

Today’s the day when we’ll trek the most difficult section of the trail, Larkya La. Climbing down to Bimthang, we’ll follow the rocky steep hills across the glacial moraines. Passing the remote settlements and dense forest, we’ll reach the north side of Larkya Glacier. Trekking the hill will provide us with a stunning view of Larkya Peak and Cho Danda.

After some great scenery, we’ll prepare ourselves for a long march across the glacial moraine and a steep ascent. The trail becomes steeper as we move closer to the last section of the pass. As we forge ahead, the view of Cheo Himal, Himlung, and Annapurna II becomes clearer and sharper.

The finished walk comes with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and rocky and steep hills. After arriving at Bimthang, you can enjoy the gorgeous landscapes for a while and we’ll turn into our guesthouse.

Tilije Altitude: 2,300m / 7,546 ft

Walking Hours: 5-6 hrs

Overnight at: the teahouse

We’ll start the day with a warm breakfast at Bimthang and then hit the trail to Tilije. The trek starts off easy with an easy walk till reaching the diverge of Dudh Koshi River. After crossing the wooden bridge, the trail enters into fir and rhododendron forests. Continuing the trek from the bank of the river, we reach the village of Gho.

Although many trekkers stop the excursion at Gho, we’ll, however, trek further and end the trek at Tilije. Throughout the journey, we’ll enjoy the splendid scenery with lush green forests and verdant meadows. The trek will also provide us with a drop-dead gorgeous view of Mt. Manaslu, and Phungi Himal. Overnight stay at Tilije.

Tal Altitude: 1,700m / 5,587 ft

Walking Hours: 5-6 hrs

Overnight at: the teahouse

After our breakfast, we’ll continue our trek with a sheer climb over a ledge and a trek on a stone-paved trail. Crossing the bridge over Dudh Khola, the trail further ascent through an arch. It passes old mani walls to reach Thonje, where we’ll meet with a police checkpoint.

After a trek to Dharapani, the trail formally exits Manasu Conservation Area and enters Annapurna Conservation Area. It comes across the bridge over Marsyangdhi Khola and walks past the mani wall to reach Tal. It’s one of Manalsu’s most beautiful villages lying at the foot of a waterfall. There are plenty of teahouses and lodges here that provide accommodation to visitors.

Syange Altitude: 1,080m / 3,543 ft

Walking Hours: 6-7 hrs

Overnight at: a guesthouse

This morning we’ll enjoy our last breakfast at Manaslu and then prepare for the hike. The trek to Syange begins with a gentle descent to Chyamje and a crossover to Marsyangdhi Khola. As soon as the valley opens, the trail starts running through terraces below villages on the hillsides.

It paves the way through pine and rhododendron forests to arrive at the village of Syange. The trek from Tal to Syange takes 6 to 7 hours and comes with a surrounding view of green hills and scenic waterfalls. There are many lodges and guest houses in the village which provide accommodation to the visitors.

Kathmandu Altitude: 1,350m / 4,429 ft

Driving Hours: 8-9 hrs

Overnight at: the hotel

After having a warm breakfast, we’ll pack our bags and leave Syange. Trekking down the village, we’ll hit the road and drive back to Kathmandu. It’s a 9 hours ride on the way to the valley, which is long and can be exhausting.

But, traveling via Besisahar along with the banks of Marsyangdi and Trishuli River will provide us with a spectacular view of rolling hills and mountains. We’ll drive around many villages and lush green farms before pulling up at Kathmandu.

It will be time to say goodbye to Nepal this time. Our representative will drop you at the airport. See you soon on your next visit to Nepal.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek

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