Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek – 7 Days


The Annapurna region is known for its incredible landscapes, ideal for trekking adventures. There are various beautiful trekking routes in the area with outstanding trekking opportunities. This short Annapurna Base Camp trek 7 days is a famous trekking itinerary in the region.

Located in the western part of the tiny Himalayan nation, the trails of this trek pass through stunning landscapes. You can find the settlements of Gurung, Magar, and the community in the majority along the trails. There are various Brahmin and Chettri community settlements, especially in the lower courses.

This incredible short Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days starts as you take a drive from Pokhara to Nayapul. From there, you will take a short trek to the beautiful settlement of Ghandruk. There are various viewpoints in the village settlements from where you can observe golden Himalayan sunrises. The trail of the walk then takes you to the Deurali and Sinuwa.

You will go on an exploration of the settlements and acclimatize along with these settlements. The trail leads you to the Annapurna Base Camp, passing through the Machhapuchhre Base Camp. After exploring the landmark of ABC, you will then return to Bamboo.

From Bamboo, you will trek to Jhinu hot water springs and then finally to Nayapul. Your trip ends as you take the drive from Nayapul to Pokhara and then finally to Kathmandu. This incredible trekking journey passing through the beautiful Annapurna region landscapes ends in Kathmandu.

This beautiful trekking journey takes you through the challenging terrains of the Himalayan region. You will get the best views of the entire region from various viewpoints along the trail. The short journey makes it ideal for those travelers who want a quick adventure without much hassle. It is also quite suitable for trekkers with less time on their schedule.

There are enough exploration opportunities in this compact 7 days trek. The snow-clad mountains you can observe along the trail include Mt. Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Mardi Himal, Machhapuchhre, Gangapurna, etc. While the trekking routes are relatively more accessible than other treks, you still need basic fitness and adequate trekking gear and equipment.

The walk through the area’s communities will allow you to explore the region’s cultural aspects. The local people’s incredible heritage, traditions, and lifestyle enchant you. You will get to stay in the local tea houses and experience the day-to-day rural lifestyle of the region. The delicious cuisine, the warm welcome, and the hospitality of the local people are the other trek highlights.

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek provides you with the experience of a lifetime. It is pretty popular among trekkers. Overall, this Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days is available at a reasonable cost. Contact us to book or get more information about the trip in detail. Happy traveling!

Highlights of this Trip

  • Awe-inspiring snow-clad mountain views of the region, including Mt. Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Mardi Himal, Machhapuchhre, Gangapurna, and others
  • Glorious Himalayan sunrise from the viewpoints along the trail.
  • Passing through the Annapurna Conservation Area landscapes
  • Incredible hospitality of the local people and tasting the local cuisine
  • Cultural exploration of the region, including the Gurung and Magar Community
  • Traversing through the forested trail with many rare and endangered wildlife of the region


Drive duration: 1-2 hours

Ghandruk altitude: 1930 m

Trekking hours: 3-4 hrs

You will have breakfast in the lake city of Pokhara in the hotel. The beautiful lake city provides you with the scenic vista of the entire region. The town has incredible natural landscapes, including rivers, lakes, waterfalls, etc. You will also glimpse the various mountain peaks, including Annapurna and Machhapuchhre Himal.

The trail takes you to the Nayapul from Pokhara, just a 1-1.5 hour drive from the lake city of Pokhara. After arriving at the Nayapul village settlement, you can start your trek to Ghandruk. You will get to observe the beautiful scenic settlements of the region. You can follow the stone-paved trails from where you will trek to Ghandruk.

Ghandruk is a beautiful settlement in the area known for its scenic views and homestay. This Gurung village and its incredible cultural landscapes will make you fall in love with the place. You will explore for some time and then rest in the homestay for the night.

Sinuwa altitude: 2360m/7742ft

Trek duration: 5-6 hrs

The trail of this trek starts from Ghandruk early in the morning after you have your breakfast. The trek trail begins as you take a scenic climb to the region. After trekking for some time, you will arrive at the beautiful village settlement known as Kimrong Danda. It is a ridge with many tiny tea houses and lodges along the trail.

We will then descend from the ritual and enter the deep forest, where we can find many rhododendron and pine trees. We will travel alongside the Chomrong River valley. There you can find many terraced farmed hills filled with vegetation. You will climb up these steep trails and then arrive at the village of Chomrong after trekking for a few hours.

From this viewpoint, you will descend along the route to reach the Chomrong river. There is a steep turn on an uphill path to Sinuwa. The trail of this trek takes you along a high ridge from where you can observe the snow-clad mountain of the region. There are many green hills, cliffs, and other natural landscapes. The scenic vista of the entire Annapurna Himalayan range is the prime attraction along the trek. We will rest for the night at the teahouse in the village settlement of Sinuwa.

Deurali altitude: 3230m/10597ft.

Trek duration: 5-6 hrs

After we have our breakfast in the Sinuwa in the teahouse, you will continue your trek on the beautiful trails of the region. The courses provide you with sweeping views of the entire region. You will need to cross many challenging landscapes before arriving at the destination of Deurali.

The trek from Sinuwa to Deurali takes around 5-6 hours on a winding trail. Many forested trails along the winding path have many rhododendrons, pine, and fir trees. There are many dense bamboo trees along the trail. You will then travel through the Bamboo settlements along the route.

Many viewpoints in the region with scenic mountains are the attraction of the trek in the area. This river gorge of the trail then takes you through the rhododendron, pir, and trees. The trek trail takes you through the Bamboo Dovan, passing through the Modi River gorge. After trekking for a few hours, you will arrive at the destination of the Himalayan Hotel.

You can find the Hinko cave around the region, which will require you to tackle various challenging trails. Finally, you will traverse alongside the viewpoint from where you can observe the snow-clad Himalayan vista. There are different rugged terrains where you will arrive at the Annapurna South and Himchuli.

From the Himalaya Hotel, you will travel alongside the Modi River. The trail of this trek will take you to Deurali. There are many tree lines and alpine forests along the route. You can rest overnight at a teahouse in Deurali.

Annapurna Base Camp altitude: 4130m/13549ft

Trek duration: 5-6 hrs

The trail from Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp passes through the challenging landscapes of the region. The beautiful trek then takes you alongside the Modi Khola. You will arrive at the Machhapuchhre Base Camp after trekking for a few hours. The Machhapuchhre 'FishTail' mountain is magnificent.

We will explore the region's beautiful landscapes in the Machhapuchhre Base Camp. The trail leads you to the Annapurna Base Camp, passing through the challenging path. Annapurna Conservation Area has huge plateaus in the region. The Annapurna Base Camp is at the highest altitude along the trail at 4,130 m.

The snow-clad mountains include Annapurna South, Gangapurna, and others. Annapurna Base Camp has many tea houses and lodges. You can observe the snow-capped peaks of the region. After arriving at the base camp, you can explore the area and rest overnight at the teahouse.

Bamboo altitude: 2340m/7677ft

Trek duration: 5-6 hrs

We will explore the Annapurna Base Camp area and observe the spectacular Himalayan sunrise. There are beautiful trails that you will need to traverse to arrive at the destination. There are challenging trails that provide you with the scenic vista of the region.

We will continue our journey for six hours and arrive at Bamboo. We will trek along the tree lines and forested trail. Finally, after arriving at Bamboo, we will rest and stay overnight at a lodge.

Jhinu altitude: 1780m/5839ft

Trek duration: 5-6 hrs

After meals in the morning, you will continue the trail in this short Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days. There are various trails in the Chomrong area along the route. After trekking for a few hours, you will arrive at your destination. There, just next to the hilltop, you will find the Jhinu village settlement of the region.

Jhinu water hot springs provide the relaxing adventure of dipping in hot water. The descending trail then descends downhill alongside the Modi River. You will explore the region for some time and then rest overnight at the teahouse in Jhinu.

Pokhara altitude: 820m/2690ft

Trek duration: 3-4 hrs

Drive duration: 1-1.5 hrs

The trek trail from Jhinu Hot Spring to Nayapul is scenic. You will travel through the challenging terrains of the region to arrive at Nayapul. From the Jhinu Hot Springs, you will reach Nayapul and then continue your drive to Pokhara. After an hour of driving to the lake city of Pokhara. You can explore the beautiful city and rest overnight at a hotel.

Best time for the Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days

The best time for traveling across the Annapurna region is in the spring and autumn season. The beautiful trail requires you to travel through some rugged and remote terrains. The course provides travelers with numerous challenges in the off-seasons. Traveling in the peak season, which introduces stable weather and perfect temperatures, is ideal for safe and comfortable travel.

Spring season

The spring season is generally known to be a pleasant time along the trails of the Annapurna region. The weather remains soothing, with perfect conditions for daytime trekking. The temperature range is typically around 15 to 20 degrees, perfect for any outdoor touring and traveling.

Spring also provides travelers with sweeping views of the region. There you can find rhododendrons covering the green hills, turning them colorful. There are fewer weather-related delays and cancellations. Overall, you have a great time traveling and trekking Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days in the spring season.

Autumn season

The autumn season is generally known for its beautiful weather and temperate climate. There are weather conditions that are perfect for trekking. The temperature range of 20-25 degrees celsius makes it ideal for outdoor excursions in the region.

You will view the snow-clad mountains with clear blue skies during this phase. Cultural exploration is another highlight of trekking in the autumn season. This season includes many festivities, including Dashain, Tihar, and others. Overall, the autumn season is perfect for the Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days.


The off-season treks are not that popular in the region. But they are still doable even though there are many challenges. The trekkers will travel through challenging weather conditions during the off-season of winter and summer monsoon.

The winter season is frigid at a higher altitude, with heavy snowfall covering the trails, making them slippery. The temperatures go below 0 degrees, making it challenging to trek. In the summer monsoon, there is heavy rainfall, especially in the lower trails. You will experience overcast conditions with frequent rain, challenging for travelers.

The trek courses become slippery and other challenges like landslides, avalanches, and soil erosion. These various conditions make trekking not favorable for trekkers. It would be best if you trekked in the peak season of Spring and Autumn as far as possible.

The Difficulty of the Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 Days

We might face numerous difficulties during this high-altitude Himalayan trek in the Annapurna region. Among them, the most challenging one is altitude sickness. Altitude or acute mountain sickness in high-altitude regions is quite common. It is due to the inability of your body to adapt to changing conditions quickly. To tackle this problem, trekkers should regularly acclimatize, rest and hydrate.

The higher altitude is a challenge for all the trekkers. You will have to travel through some of the most challenging trails while observing the beautiful landscapes. The reason is quite an adventure in the region’s beautiful landscapes, providing you with an experience.

The uphill and downhill terrains require long-duration and long-distance. The beautiful terrains will also take you through various incredible landscapes. Therefore, you need to have a basic fitness level and stamina for the trek. Hence, you should train well for the tour with numerous training and exercises. They will help you remain flexible and gain the strength and endurance necessary for the trek.

Accommodation and meal facilities are pretty much essential in the region. Therefore you should be able to compromise through these challenges and stay in the local tea houses. There you will get basic facilities of meals and accommodations.

This high-altitude region has unpredictable weather. There is a high chance of weather changing in a few hours. Overcast conditions and heavy rainfall are the challenges of the trek. There are other related challenges, including landslides, avalanches, and erosion. These are the various challenges that the trekkers might face during their 7 days Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Why Go on Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days?

Snow-clad mountains

The main objective of this beautiful remote region trek is the view of the snow-clad mountains. The trekkers can observe this incredible Himalayan Vista from viewpoints along the trail. The glorious Himalayan sunrise and sunset and other ideal reasons for you to take this trek.

Cultural exploration

The trekkers allow you to go on a cultural exploration of the region. Various local settlements and heritage sites along the trail, including Buddhist monasteries, chortens, etc. There are unique perspectives of the region that you can get from the 7 days Annapurna Base Camp Trek. For this remarkable cultural exploration aspect, you can take this trek.

Incredible adventure

This incredible trek has beautiful trails through challenging uphill and downhill terrains. You traverse tremendous challenges during the journey passing through natural cliffs, waterfalls, and other natural landscapes. Hence, you can take this Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days in these regions.

Food and Accommodations

The tea houses in the region provide you with basic meals and accommodation facilities. In these tea houses, you will get a basic room that consists of a bed with mattresses and clean sheets. You will also observe the beautiful view of snow-clad mountains from the tea houses.

You can have your meal in the dining room of the three houses. You might have to share your space or sleep in the dining room in crowded teahouses. There is an additional facility of heating in the dining room that you can get through the kitchen.

You can carry extra sleeping bags along the trail as a blanket might not be enough for the frigid conditions in the high Himalayas.

You will get a warm “Dal Bhaat” warm meal in the tea houses, which is most popular among trekkers. Dal Bhaat has high protein and carbohydrate content that balances the required energy required for the trek. There are other dishes like noodles, momos, dumplings, etc.

You can carry your snacks as you might get hungry during the taxing trekking journey. You can take snacks, including chocolate bars, protein bars, and energy drinks. Hot beverages, including tea, coffee, garlic, and noodle soup, are popular. You can also carry tea bags, coffee powders, and juice powder to save costs along the trail.

Since the water in the region is not safe. Therefore, you should get water purification tablets essential to purify water along the trail. Hence, these are the facilities for various meals and accommodations.


The Annapurna Base Camp Trek of short duration is a popular trek in the region. This wonderful trek provides the best views of the entire Himalayan landscape. You will also observe the beautiful natural landscapes of the Annapurna conservation area. The 7 days Short Annapurna Base Camp trek also passes through the cultural settlements of the ethnic community. Overall, this compact short Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days is ideal for trekkers.

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Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek – 7 Days

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